Don Lowe


My first interaction with CrossFit was in 2003 while aboard an aircraft carrier in United States Navy. A few of my friends were doing it and made me participate in their miserable fun.  I would love to tell you that right there and then I dove right into CrossFit and never looked back, but I hated it and never did it again while I served.  I was more interested in lifting weights and taking 5 minutes of rest to talk to friends. It wasn’t until I got out of the Navy that I started working for a national cookie cutter gym as a personal trainer where CrossFit showed up once again. I wanted to better myself through fitness so why not try this CrossFit thing, it looked tough enough. Of course my first workout was “Fran” and it forever changed my life, i was enduringly hooked!

My goal as a coach is to pass on passion and knowledge, get people moving more efficiently, and make the impossible possible.

Coaching Experience

• Fitness Manager at Bally Total Fitness  |  April 2008 – August 2011
• D-Town CrossFit  |  August 2011 – August 2013
• CrossFit Cherry Creek  |  September 2013 – Present


• CrossFit Level 1
• USA Weightlifting Club Coach
• CrossFit Kids
• CrossFit Olympic Lifting
• CrossFit Gymnastics
• CrossFit Movement and Mobility
• CrossFit Endurance
• CPR/AED Certified


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