Liz Gaugler


I have always been an active person. In middle school and high school, I played almost every sport offered…basketball, volleyball, soccer, cross country, lacrosse, and track. As I transitioned to college, my focus became running and I trained for marathons and half marathons almost year round. I ran dozens of half marathons and two marathons with a PR of 3 hours 46 minutes. My goal was to qualify for the Boston Marathon, however, during training, I started to develop knee pain and it hurt more with every training run. I knew I couldn’t keep running, at least not at that volume or intensity, and that was when I discovered Crossfit in 2012. I fell in love with the sport and have been hooked ever since! I love the challenge of becoming better, faster, more efficient with gymnastics movements, and stronger in olympic lifts with every training session. There’s no greater feeling than getting a your first muscle up, PRing an olympic lift, or nailing your first HSPU.

I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering, but my passion has always been in the health and fitness field. I have a passion to help others reach their fitness goals and increase their quality of life. My goal as a coach is to help people reach their full potential physically and mentally. I love to see athletes do things (movements, skills, weights, etc) they never thought they could achieve! I desire to be the best mentor, encourager, and role model I can be for every person who walks through the door.
Besides Crossfit, I love to hike, camp, and backpack. My fiancé, Trent, and I love being in the mountains! It’s the best way I have found to reset my mind and soul, connect with friends and family, and commune with God. And it allows me to continue to find ways to challenge myself both physically and mentally.

Favorite WOD


Favorite WOD Music


Favorite Lifts

Snatch and overhead squat


• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
• CPR/First Aid/AED