Melissa Randall

Melissa Randall

Physical Therapist

I began CrossFit in 2011 and was hooked very soon after.   As a former goalkeeper for the Oregon State University women’s soccer team, I had a hard time getting back into formal training after college, mostly due to boredom in my workouts.  CrossFit immediately took the boredom out and she’s been a strong supporter of the sport ever since.   As a licensed Physical Therapist who works strictly with athletes, I soon began to see a need in the CrossFit community for diagnosis and treatment of ailments and injuries that can come with participating in any sport.  Not only that, but I realized I had a role in helping athletes prevent injury as well.

Recently, many physical therapists have given CrossFit a bad rap, as they’ve seen an influx of patients with injuries related to the sport.  Unfortunately, not many have welcomed the sport by working to understand the movements required by the athletes, but instead simply recommended their patients stop participating.  There is no current evidence in the literature that shows CrossFit has a higher injury rate than any other sport.  In fact there is not strong research on the sport yet at all, as each individual gym is independently owned and there are large differences in coaching and individuals.  I am passionate about proving the physical therapy community wrong about this sport through education and keeping CrossFit athletes healthy.   I do this by being available to athletes before they are injured.  By evaluating each athlete and analyzing functional movements, I can educate Crossfit athletes on their strengths, weaknesses, their risk for injury and recommendations on what to do to prevent injuries.   I am a strong advocate of being treated for small ailments before they turn into more serious injuries in order to keep athletes active and performing at a high level.  I also specializes in rehabilitation of sports injuries, both acute and chronic, and safe progression back into sport.


•  Full time Physical Therapist at Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine Program for Young Athletes
•  Licensed Physical Therapist in the State of Colorado
•  Spring 2014 – Board Certified Sports Physical Therapist (SCS)


Evaluation and Treatment – Have you had an acute injury? Do you have a nagging irritation that just doesn’t seem to go away? A 60-minute examination and evaluation will give you information on your condition, how it relates to your movement strategies, recommendations on moving forward and individual responsibilities in the gym.  After your evaluation, your follow up appointments will include treatment, manual therapy and exercise based, in order to improve your injury or condition.

Information sessions for coaches and athletes – Want to know which injuries are most common in the CrossFit athlete and learn more information on how to prevent it?  Current evidence and research are presented on a variety of topics for new and veteran CrossFitters.  A hands on/lab session is included to teach athletes how to responsibly care for their bodies.  Recommend a topic to your coach!!

Movement Screen – Don’t have an injury but worried you might be at risk for one?  Athletes are put through a variety of functional movements, given a total score based on performance, a video analysis, a write up, and what to work on to improve their movements, improve performance and ultimately reduce injury risk.


This is currently a cash pay service; insurance is not accepted at this facility.  Please e-mail Melissa regarding prices for each service.

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